Centre-Based Child Care Services

Centre-Based Child Care Services - 1050 Kipps Lane, London

London French Day Care Centre provides child care services for children in two different age groups:

  • Toddlers – ages 15 to 30 months
  • Preschoolers – ages 31 to 60 months

Our centre is roomy with a capacity to accept 61 children.

The Centre-Based Child Care Services are supervised by a qualified supervisor who is approved by the Ministry of Education according to Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 (CCEYA 2014). 

Number and Group Size
Group Age of Children in Group Ratio of Employees per Children
Toddler 18 to and including 30 months of age 1 to 5
Preschool More than 30 months of age up to and including 5 years of age 1 to 8

Day Care Learning Methods

London French Day Care uses a learning program that is based on the document "How Does Learnming Happen? Ontario Pedagogy For The Early Years". This learning method bases its practices on the specific interests and needs of each individual child. This is why each age group of children gets to take part in special activities that are designed to meet their needs and the needs of their specific age group.

Each activity that our students take part in is designed to support their cognitive development and help them learn at their own pace. Our activities are designed to help children develop in five key areas of child development:

  1. Emotional development
  2. Development of fine motor skills
  3. Development of gross motor skills
  4. Intellectual development
  5. Social development

To facilitate this development, our students are taken on exciting field trips, encouraged to play fun games with other children and of course, learn through playing with others. Please note that your child does not have to be able to speak French in order to attend our child care centre.

For more information about what types of meals are served at London French Day Care, how to register, language requirements and more, please take a moment to read through our FAQ page.

1050 Kipps Lane, bureau 13, London ON N5Y 4S5

[email protected]


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